We stand for sustainable products and a sustainable life

Inspired by Lisa Nicholas, yoga teacher and producer of Bee Love in Switzerland, a few friends and family members from Hamburg have come together to make a small contribution to a perhaps better one to definitely make a plastic-free world. We want to change something together. We are the change we would like to see!

Who is behind this?

We are three friends and have known each other since childhood. With gaia we have launched a project with which we want to change the world together and sustainably.

With our vision in mind, Lucas takes care of the further development of our product range and corporate processes. Most of all, his heart beats for education and community work.

“gaia makes sustainability tangible and tangible for everyone!”

Favorite product


Paol’s great love is our production. He leads this and spends days tinkering and optimizing. In addition to production, he takes care of the procurement of our goods and is responsible for quality controls.

“gaia is the trailblazer for sustainable everyday life without being dogmatic.”

Favorite product

Karla takes care of our marketing and our retailers. They create great collaborations with befriended labels, artists and other special people.

“Every step, no matter how small, counts – every unused piece of cling film, for example. If everyone does a little, we can achieve a lot together!” < / span>

Favorite product

gaia family

Colorful, diverse, e-cool: Our team

Marlen sitzt an ihrem Arbeitsplatz und schaut auf ihren Laptop.
Marlen sitzt an ihrem Arbeitsplatz und schaut auf ihren Laptop.