Bye bye plastic!

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Gemeinsam gegen die Plastikflut

Unsere nachhaltigen Produkte für deinen plastikfreien Haushalt. Zusammen etwas zum Positiven verändern – bist du dabei?

Together against the flood of plastic

Our sustainable products for your plastic-free household. Changing something for the better together – be the change you want to see!

Plastic-free, ecological, clever: Our
sustainable products

Your advantages

Your advantages

What we’ve already achieved

Bye plastic, inspiration for a lot of people and a growing community – a lot has happened since 2017. Here are some numbers that make us proud.

Who is behind this?

We are three friends and have known each other since childhood. With gaia we have launched a project with which we want to change the world together and sustainably. Find out more about the team!

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Very, very great product !!!!
Give it away to all my loved ones and colleagues at work, I have already recommended it !!!

Maike to the beeswax starter set

“This beeswrap is the perfect substitute for plastic wrap! It lasts up to two years, can be reused and later simply thrown on your compost.”


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